your own sound logo

…tailored to your needs and created according to your wish…

Your personal sound logo will increase your recognition for podcasts, DJ sets, commercials, websites, YouTube, trademark for your company or as influencer.

example: car industries

example: green technics



electronic soundscapes

…with the right soundscape you captivate through the result of meaning…

Soundscapes makes everything alive, create tension, atmosphere and excitement. Seen as melodic noise rather than the result of an instrument they can be used in different ways.

Created for an art project of LICHTPAUSE
Soundscapes reverse the meaning of the original film into a critical perspective.


let’s break a beat

Composing beats contains your wonderful idea, the chosen sounds and a bit of me. The result is a compromise of this combination and creates a yummy outcome.

example acapella

example with beats

acapella by Scate